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Wine Aerator Goblet Design Instant Aerate

Wine Aerator Goblet Design Instant Aerate

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Elegant and Unique Goblet Design Instant technical Wine Aerator-just need seconds to Aerate Wines

Elegant and unique goblet design, it is look like a goblet. The base of the goblet acts as a drip catching stand, can effectively avoid the wine spill on the tablecloth.
Pour your wine spill into richer bouquet, fully enhanced flavor, and a much smoother finish. Very noticeable difference in the taste of the wine when using the aerator versus the glass of wine straight out of the bottle.
Aerate wines in seconds, faster than any other decanter or aerator. When the wine is aerated straight out of the bottle, mixing just the right amount of air with your wine, allowing your wine to breathe instantly.
Design perfection. Manufactured with extra heavy duty acrylic, health and safety. No overflow, no leaking and no dripping.

Wine Aerator Work Process:

Stage 1
Umbrella Shaped Wine Sprayer:
Wine pours onto a flat sheet allowing for top and bottom air exposure; getting its first boost of air.
Stage 2
Drizzle Plate:
Wine passes through 3 holes, separating the wine into smaller drops; Promoting aeration at the 2nd level.
Stage 3
Forced Air Vortex:
Air from the top sphere is infused into the wine prior to dispensing a perfect fusion of wine and air into the glass.

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